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Music produced by M-Nasty. Additional vocals by CYPH-LOW, R. Haze, and Young Guito.


[verse 1 intro]
Noodle: Yo CYPH, get in my nigga.
CYPH-LOW: It is What it Is, baby.

[verse 1 - CYPH-LOW]
I was born in the city where the skinny niggas ride
Born in the city where the skinny niggas pull 4-5s and make any nigga fry, any nigga die
Life ain't always pretty in the city where the niggas want to hit me When they see me sitting pretty, riding by
Low, I keep a little 9 or a 4-5 with me in the stizzy everytime you see me drive

Oh Lord, go y’all Izod, iPod full of beats, go hard like a freak
Spit like a retard with no teeth, move bricks, try to dodge the police
Think quick when you walk in the streets, don’t bitch cause you’re talking to a beast, and that be me
And if you walk through 9-1-4, you better ask about C-Y-P, ya know

[verse 2 intro]
Noodle: Yo Haze, what's good my nigga?
R. Haze: Yo! Yo Noodle, I got you on this one.

[verse 2 - R. Haze]
I rep that 9 like the thing on my waistline
1 like the top spot, can’t none of y’all take mine
4 like the golfer when he swing at the tee
Peekskill, Click City, nigga that’s where I be

H-A-Z-E, the best ever from Westchester, besides The Lox
And I invest in that cocaine just like the stocks
Anytime I’m in the game, I’m scoring
I’m the rap Elt Brand, Armstrong, and Ben Gordon, I’m on

[verse 3 intro]
Noodle: Yeah! Young Guito, it's on you, kid.
Young Guito: I got you, my nigga.

[verse 3 - Young Guito]
It’s GTG, Mr. Get Guap, homie
Straight out of Click City with the 5th cocked on me
Cause I can’t let a nah nigga get the drop on me
When that thing pop, you’ll get lowered in a box slowly

Cause I’m a one man army, I rock doly
I don’t need a squad, Y.G. will squeeze the rod
So fuck how tough you think you is
You’ll get shot like Pac if you think you BIG, up in...

[verse 4 intro]
Noodle: N-double-O! Hah!

[verse 4 - Noodle]
Leave it up to the realest nigga alive to destroy and eat these wack MCs

I smack MCs, choke you rappers out like you don’t have to breathe
I told you niggas fall back, let me stack my cheese
But they keep on trying to rap to the beats, that’s when you end up with tragedies

One rapper, two rappers, three rappers, four
In just 6 of my bars I murdered 40 million more
And all you underground niggas ain’t show us love before
Don’t you niggas dare ever get caught slipping up there in the 9-1-4


from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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