Celebrate Life

from by Noodle the Innocent Child

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Music Produced by M-Nasty. Additional vocals by Ella Lazel.


[verse 1]
See, I'm alive at a beautiful time
I figured I could take some time to write a beautiful rhyme
Celebrating like my birthday, from Monday to Thursday
Friday to Sunday, wilding out in the worst way

Hey! Plus I got my whole crew here
Celebrating life, we've done made it through the new year
Bottles in the air, sipping on champagne
Driving by slow, not shooting a damn thing

And ladies looking with the happiest smiles
He started from the bottom, look at him now, he done came up
So give it up for the Innocent Child
It took me a while but look at my style, I ain't change up

Still the same dude chilling with the same friends
Only thing that's changing is the size on the rims
I'm laughing cause they tight
I'm still grabbing the mic so tonight, word to me, we gonna celebrate life

It's time to celebrate, it's time to celebrate
Cause the sun's shining right on me, it's a beautiful day
Got my head up to the sky
Feels like I can fly
And I'm enjoying life
And we're gonna celebrate, celebrate life!

[verse 2]
Now it's so much drama in the NYC
It's kind of hard being N-to the double-O-D
But I somehow, some way
Keep coming up with ill new hits for y'all every single day

See, all the BS in life, I ignore it
Today's the day to take a look at life and enjoy it
Brand new wheels, like yeah I can afford it
Brand new swag in the kid, move forward

Chilling, the hustlers can even take a break
We in the back with a grill full of steak
Even taking a day off from work
And all the little boys Super Soakin' all the pretty little girls in white shirts

So everybody over here in the real hood
All the way to Hollywood tell them, don't it feel good?
Yeah, and that's alright
Stand up with your hands up, we gon' celebrate life!


[verse 3]
Now similar to you, I had to struggle, oh yeah
Mama used to tell me, "Boy you gon' make it, go head"
I even thought that I should hustle just to get some more bread
But I ain't want to be another brother on the floor dead

So baby I wisened up, and I put my mind on my money
I am nice with the rhyme, so in time they gon' love me
Once I get a couple ears, I'll earn a couple hearts
Another brother from the block rising straight up to the top

All the haters, they can hate him but they never gonna stop
Cause today is my day, so them haters become blocked
Yeah, summertime in the city
On the West Side Highway bumping a little Biggie

Or some cash rules everything around me
Cream get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all
Me and my godson Beans, living life like a dream
While the whole world screams when they see me on the scene, this is life!



from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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