End of the Day

from by Noodle the Innocent Child

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Music produced by Anno Domini Beats.


This is the track for those that didn't believe in him
Those that bailed out during times when we really needed them
Those that crossed me, thinking that I was on the team with them
I hope they see my success now and I hope it eats at them

And those that laughed every time that we were greeting them
Saying we would make it when they really didn't see it in him
I rep my city to death, I'm never leaving them
If you ain't like me then, it's fuck you now, it's that easy man

It's for my brother, when he thought his girl would cheat on him
Cried, but for the sake of the kids, he would try to be with her
Another everyday, he'd try to balance time with me and her
Puttin' up with her bullshit, I'm here if you need me bro

It's been a long and bumpy road, I tie my sneakers up
Walk with me if you want, and turn your speakers up
Now roll your windows down and put your middle fingers up
And scream "Fuck the world and whoever disagrees with us"

In high school, this rap shit was just a dream to us
Now we hit the studio, it's a reality to us
To all you local MC's, think you seeing us?
I will eat you alive alone, and I'll beat you up

Taking shots at Feature on the low, I see what's up
Take a shot at me on a track nigga, and see what's up
Shouts to Urbanizm, M-Nasty, what up
I got this booth on fire and I barely heated up

See, everybody in the world says they're feeling us
I see success around the corner so I speed it up
My mama used to tell me, "Boy, you don't need to rush"
I was 16, I turned around, and now was 21

I give thanks to my grandma for trying to keep me up
And thanks to my girl for once trying to teach a nigga trust
And J-Pound, I love you my nigga, keep in touch
And Noyd, thanks for looking out when I need it, cuz

Tianna, I love you to death, I don't see you much
If I could change that then I would, please believe it, yup!
Cause every time I think of you, I feel I need to jump
I could touch the sky with you in mind, Crazy T what up

Now look at me, I'm stuck
Wondering why Mrs. Cora can't be with us, she's resting in peace above
And now I miss her to death, she would speak with love
I think of her and Uncle Billy, and I need a hug

I never met a girl as real as Janeika nor Alicia
But I ain't really had the time to try and speak to them
In my life, I messed a whole lot of people up
Came between best friends, that's just what creepin' does

I broke a lot of hearts, that's what a secret does
Things we do for love, I can't explain what kind of creep I was
But maybe it wasn't me, they just needed love
But damn, who was there for me when I needed love?

Who was there with two arms when I needed hugs?
I'm on my grind every day, I still need a buzz
I'm fucking up, my head hurts, I think I need a drug
I can't breathe, I nearly messed my breathing up

Your boy got a million songs for the people
But they're in my notebook, cause studio time ain't free for us
It's a new day, so hopefully we'll see what's up
And fuck those who ain't believe in us! My God...


from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



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Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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