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Music produced by M-Nasty & Cory G. Additional vocals by Lou Ellen and Jo-Jo Silla.


[verse 1]
I've done witnessed it all, see, I'm a boss player
I'm known to handle my B.I., we can talk later
But if you're really trying to roll with a boss like Rick Ross
You earn your spot and you'll get to floss later

I need to know you're on the side with me
You'll ride with me and you won't ever lie to me
If I get caught up in a jam, you better ride for me
And there ain't nothing you should hide from me, no secrets

A new version of Clyde and Bonnie, you ride beside me
We get guap, time is money
Anything you ask for, we got to find it, honey
The Louis Vuitton purses and them diamonds shining sunny

I can get it cause I roll with the flyest
On top of my game, I'm higher than the highest
Noodle is a king, they call him Mr. Your Highness
All I need now is a bad chick to ride with, what

That's my baby, and without him I'll go crazy
I'm his lady, and we gonna fly
That's my word I'm by his side, boy I can't lie
It's plain to see, there's no you, boy, without me
I'm in too deep, I love you so
I got to let everyone else know, I'ma hold you down!

[verse 2]
Hold me down, you gotta be there when I need you
Getaway driver, you're the one I throw the keys to
Money in the safe, you're the one I throw the key to
It's not me against the world now, girl it's me and you.

We a team, ain't no holding us back
You ever need me girl, you know where I'm at
And let another nigga ever get out of line, you know I'ma clap
For you, cause that's the only way to react, you're my baby

Til we die, no one's hotter than us
It's me and you baby riding because
You can depend on me, vice versa, to lie to the judge
Or hold that, girl it's gotta be love, you're my baby!

The way you sing to a brother
I don't think you understand how much you mean to a brother
It sure feels good, you on a team with a brother
Stay loyal and I'll cop that ring and you'll never need another


I'ma hold you down cause you're there for me
And I'm there for you, and you're the man of my fantasy
Why wouldn't we be happy together
Forever, it's whatever
I'ma be your lady, have your babies
You're my heart, my soul, my rock, my all



from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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