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Music produced by M-Nasty. Additional vocals by LaRue.


I been long gone, I been on my grind
I won't be gone long, I'll be back in time for you
So hold on, I'm in the booth, I'm on the block
The 9 to 5, everything I do's for you

[verse 1 - Noodle]
Another brother coming up, now understand
I'm doing all I can as a man
I'm trying to survive in a world that was planned
To bring my brothers down to the ground, God damn

I asked my lady, "What you crying for?
I'm on the other side, what you think I'm grinding for?
And what you think a brother's doing all this rhyming for?"
If I say it's all for me, I'd be lying, y'all

And I'm as true as the truth gets
My fam talks slick and and say a brother's quick to split
Like I ain't chilling with the family and the little kids
I'm like, "Look, there's too much money out there to get"

And then I stroll on my own path
Gotta get this money up, the cops is on my black ass
They can't stop me, I'ma rise like the price of gas
And I'ma grind for this paper til the day I pass

[chorus x2]

[verse 2 - LaRue]
Listen carefully, I'm out here hustling
I can't be struggling, working hard and ending up with nothing
Economy's assed out, loans ain't being passed out
Drug game? Nah I ain't going that route

So I go in shows and party, that's my way to get out
Selling CDs and t-shirts, that's my hustle route
The gift of gab, to sell until I'm sold out
Offers on the table, none in the millions so I gotta hold out

Managed a few artists but they didn't pan out
You can't stop my grind, I gotta go all out
Til the death of me, for the love of my family
I tell my wife, "This is how it's gotta be"

But she wants to beef with me and don't believe up in my dream
So I created the BURN U team to get this cream
Unity and positivity, whatever falls in between
We need a lot of green, catch us on the movie screens

[chorus x2]

[verse 3 - Noodle]
Yo M-Nasty, just let it breathe
Now let it breathe
Yeah, now let's be honest, ain’t a rapper out there rhyming
Or grinding harder then N-double-O-D as you can see

Told y’all on the track with Jass D, I’m an insomniac
All over this almanac, rappers rapping cannot relax
Taking NoDoz, me and La spitting them dope flows
Too sick for a quarantine, I cop the cure, bozos

There he go go, like Gadget when he go-go
Try to diss the N-O-O is definitely a no no
Interview after interview and promo to promo
This kid will go go c-c-c-crazy, l-l-l-loco

On the Frank Sinatra verse on Escape Route
Sacrifice the family and them chicks for this paper count
Then create that bank account, get that paper and take it out
Tell the family I’ve been long gone, but I done made it out

[chorus x2]


from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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