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Music produced by New Millenium.


[verse 1]
Ride, ride, ride with me, y'all
Take a little trip with me through 914
Welcome to my home, welcome to my town
Welcome to the city that taught me to get down

The home of E. Brand, the home of me, man
Hilton Armstrong, we did it cause we can
Chilling at the movie theatres on the weekend
Cortlandt Town Center trying to find a Puerto Rican

These are the good days, young dudes got hood ways
Young shorties here never act their age
Young cats wear do-rags, no braids or waves
Besides school, the movies is where they misbehave

We from Peekskill, baby
And the Peekskill babies rep Peekskill crazy
No Martin Luther, but it pops off on Main Street
Damn, I love the city that made me

My city got them hit making, trunk bumping, love it in your whip and
Living life with loud music bumping in my system
Smiling at them cops cause them haters can't get me
I feel like I'm a king in my city
And we almost lost...
Everything that we came for, but nah y'all, we got to work harder
Til we getting money like we're young S. Carters
Grind til we die, that's how all of us was brought up

So the other day, I'm driving up by the high school and I seen my man up there, chilling.
I'm like, "Yo, what you doing up here? We graduated years ago, son. Leave them girls alone."

[verse 2]
Ride, ride, ride with me, y'all
Take another ride with me through 914
Niggas ice grill if they've never seen you before
They're plotting on your rob, you better get out of dodge

And if somebody dies here, we all know about it
Small city but this shit's still hood, never doubt it
PHS to Park Street, we're all bout it, bout it
4th of July, we all hit the river and it be crowded

Hollering at them jump offs, hoping something jump off
They be fronting most of the time, so it never jump off
10566 rep crazy
Damn I love the city that made me


It's crazy, cause the other day I went to the barbershop and there was like 5 barbers in there but only one of them could cut.
I'm sitting there waiting for him, and he calls me up like, "Yo Noodle, want your cut?" I'm like, "Oh yeah, no doubt."
So I get up in the chair, you know, he does his thing. He cuts me up, and he gives me the mirror...and son Zekes me!
I'm like, "Yo, you know you ain't getting paid for this, right?"

[verse 3]
Yeah, glad you could ride with me, y'all
Hope you enjoyed your stay here in 914
All we do is play ball, or beats to spit bars
From Bohlman to Dunbar, even up in Stuhr Gardens

Where we dream to be at Madison Square Garden
Out of these apartments, my city's the hardest
My heart is the largest, loving it for real
You looking for me, I'm in Peekskill



from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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