Nationally Known

from by Noodle the Innocent Child

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Music produced by M-Nasty.


[verse 1]
See, this time I’m looking fly
It’s my time to shine and baby, I’m that guy
On the west side with niggas ready to ride
Keep the 4-5 in their ride whenever they riding

Feeling good cause we ain’t got to use the Llama
Having good times, living life with no drama
Sipping on some green tea I got in Arizona
Representing NYC in California

Yeah, it’s such a beautiful day
I’m making money and my president's black, what more can I say?
I’m about to put a thousand on the Lakers out in Vegas
Shit, I’m even getting love from the haters

I’m about to try and win the lotto
Feels good being me, middle finger up to 5-0
And everybody in the streets know how I roll
Real recognize real, I’m home wherever I go

You can find me on the west riding low
Looking fly in a mean '64 (get your hands up!)
Or you’ll catch me on the east with some dealers
Slash killers, paper chasing for the dough (get your hands up!)
Or down south with a big booty shorty
Fly face with a sucker in her mouth (now get your hands up!)
Or midwest, where the bad meets the evil
All my people show me love when I come out (get your hands up!)

Now all my west coast niggas, where we at? (we’re on the grind)
And all my east coast niggas, where we at? (we’re on the grind)
And all my midwest niggas, where we at? (we’re on the grind)
And all my down south niggas, where we at? (we’re on the grind)

[verse 2]
Ha, I’m nationally known
It doesn’t matter the area code, I’m at home
Homies in Kentucky, got shorties in Mississippi
They’re texting me how they’re missing me, baby, I gets busy

It’s N-double-O-Dizzy on now
Got dudes pushing snow like they're working for the plow
Got dudes holding heat, all you’ll hear is boom bow
It’s a cold, cold world out there but we ain’t wilding out

We chilling in Illinois, hitting Chi-Town, baby
Flying through the city like it’s my town, baby
Ill new system bumping Kidz in the Hall
Like I’ve done been through it all, money I want more

Get your hands up high like you’re under arrest
You under the stress, come ride, you can run with the best
North, south, to the east then we run to the west
Throwing them W’s up, showing much respect, I’m that guy



from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



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