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Music produced by M-Nasty. Additional vocals by POET.


[verse 1]
True to my fam like the mob made him
You'll catch me in Las Vegas, scraping the sky, flying over skyscrapers
I used to starve as a young'n, I was a plate-scraper
Now I can't finish the plate, look how this hunger made him

They say, "This hunger made him change and made him somewhat famous"
Until I toss them a little change, these motherfucking fakers
"Hi haters" like Maino when I be switching lanes
Niggas sayin I can't walk through my hood again, huh?

I see the jealousy, envious envy, enemies want to be close
Close friends, they want to be enemies, so
I don't trust a soul, not even myself
Cause even I be slipping when it's cars, pussy, or wealth, ya know?

I'm not perfect, but damn it, no man's worthless
Pussy and paper's all I chase, the pussy ain't worth it, I swear
And others hustle on the block, it's like a jungle
Be ready to rumble at any given time, stay humble, ya hear?

Niggas done got hurt and buck-fiftied, a few niggas fucked with me
I'm known to react off of my gut instinct
I still try, and I strive to stay alive
To the day a nigga die, true to my game, please just let me ride

Just let me ride
From the West Side Highway to 9A, please just let me ride

[verse 2]
I'm your hustler's hustler, I'm a great one
A hater's favorite person to hate on, so hate on
And if you smoking, then blaze one
If not, fill that glass to the top, sip til you get your daze on

I've worked as hard as a slave since I've been living
I believe I deserve everything that I've been given
From respect to my family, shoes to my linen
Forgiveness for sinning, I've made mistakes, I'll admit it

Fresh like ice cold, they love me like white gold
I know I'll be leaving one day, hope I don't die slow
Living life in the fast lane, flashy lights, wearing mad chains
Loving hip hop, fuck rappers in this rap game

To deal with mad pain, I talk to the tunes
You walk in my shoes, it's worse than pouring salt in your wounds, it burns
And I swear I'm just trying to stay alive
Looking up to the sky, staying true to my fam, please let me ride

[verse 3 - P.O.E.T.]
Your friends? You got to be careful how you choose them.
When you're up they're around, real easy to be found; but when you're down, it's real easy to lose them.
When I'm doing good, everyone's around, you see?
But when I'm down, ain't no one around but me.

Everyone wanna add their two cents about something.
As far as I'm concerned, it don't amount to nothing.
And I have no time to mend broken hearts, or weak friendships that fell apart.
And you'll never know where you're going if you don't know where you started.

You'll forget where you're headed.
Cause in life, there's so many directions.
So many paths cause talents, you have,
And they want you to have not.

So they stand in front and try to confuse you.
Cause you're a winner, and they don't want to lose you.
But never lose your way, never go astray, cause lost souls get so false hope.

And become the shepherd's forgotten sheep.
And once you pay the price, you can never get a refund.
Never live life on a rerun, live everyday new.
And above all, stay true!


from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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