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Music produced by M-Nasty. Additional vocals by Big Snuff.


[verse 1]
They try to say I've changed, I used to run like fifty deep
But now I do my own thing son, I don't even speak
My peeps, they still cool and give me dap when we meet
I'm still riding if I see them scrapping in the street

Other than that, there really ain't no need to contact them
I'm a solo soldier, this is beyond rapping
Y'all asking why now I choose to move like that?
Cause I've seen how brothers do, I've got to move like that

Things change, people grow apart and some stay together
Some really trying to find the meaning of forever
And others realize that forever's never ever
Those the ones that seem to do better

It's a cold, cold, world; I've learned that now
Respect is what I demand, I've earned that now
I just keep my head high and both fists balled
Watch, observe, and I learn; til a brother fall off, stroll on

Stroll on, stroll on
Even though it's cold outside, you know it's either ride or die
Stroll on, stroll on,
Even when it hurts inside, sometimes you've got to swallow your pride
Stroll on

[verse 2]
And fame is something dudes would give their friendships for
Which didn't make sense, but now I understand cause this is raw
Realest dudes in the world can be cool and get along with everyone
When it's business, watch how you get involved

You can't trust everyone
Cause they'll encourage you to run and shoot so they can shoot you in the back while you run
Just be your own man, don't look for helping hands
To get by, you need your fam, and two feet to stand

There's some friends back then that I would probably call my mans
Come up to me now, I wouldn't give a chance
I used to look out for these dudes, now I wouldn't even glance
And honestly it hurts but that's the circumstance

Like a war I didn't want but there's a certain stance
You have to pose, imagine fighting in a ring with nervous hands
And forced to hit a man
That you don't want to hit, but that man will uppercut you the second he gets the chance
Stroll on


[verse 3]
It's a new day, some say I'm on some other shit
Some "F the world and those against me and my brother" shit
Cats I went to school with, I ain't really running with
Chicks I used to dream of touching, now I'll tell them suck a dick

I've realized these haters want to see my life stopped
Friends will cross me more than the laces on my high tops
Leave me with a double-knot somewhere in a parking lot
Ruthless dudes, they wouldn't care if it was dark or not

I avoid beef, but I don't run from it
If it pops up I'm down to pop off, trust me, I've done it
And all these dudes talking nonsense don't really want it
They all fake and well-known for fronting

This is way more than just a song
If I don't give you dap, you ain't my man, bottom line, but we can still get along
If you think that there's a problem or you feel that something's wrong
All you gotta do is holla, until then, I'll stroll on



from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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