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Music produced by M-Nasty. Additional vocals by Sabrina Michelle.


[verse 1 intro - Sabrina Michelle]
1990s: Music became more creative then ever. Hip hop was at its highest as an influence in the lives of the people.

[verse 1 - Noodle]
It was the 90s, a point in time where hip hop was something to listen to
Real stories, not just who's flossing and killing who
The realest dudes, when you mastered your flow or was lyrical
If not, as soon as you stopped spitting, niggas spit at you

Rocking the crowd with bars harder than a helmet
Get a mic and you melt it, even them haters felt it
Nobody could deny it if you're fire
And now it's like you rap, they deny it, cause all you rappers is liars

Before the internet became a grind
Open mics and showcases wasn't a waste of time
I bet if you did a little history then you would find
To be the best of the future, you gotta go back in time

[verse 2 intro - Sabrina Michelle]
1980s: The decade in which hip hop was born. The decade of dancing and having fun.

[verse 2]
These days, we were doing all we could for you
Had to rely on the music, it felt good to you
Speed it up, slow it down, take it to the floor, now
Your town, my town, no town like Motown

Going to the showdown, first 80s hoedown
In the middle of Harlem, we're on a roll now
Listening to Kool Herc spitting on stage
Break dancing, MCs, and DJs

The golden age, the golden era
Where Hip hop's born, in the Bronx, it couldn't be better
You can grab a microphone if you had the heart
If you didn't have skills, they'd rip you apart

Everything was original and made you groove
No promotional stunts, no Auto-Tunes
It was real as Roxanne in the good ol' days
The 80s, where being real got you radio play...huh huh...

[verse 3 intro - Sabrina Michelle]
1970s: Music was moreso personal, relevant to whatever you experienced in life; unity was displayed.

[verse 3 - Noodle]
70s music included a lot of soul
A little inspiration, a little rock and roll
We was born to be wild and lose control
And overcome what came about the years before

We can act like being black or white never meant shit
Color of your skin could determine a friendship
White people used to come and watch Jimi Hendrix
Black people still beefing, trying to get in shit

Hustling's poppin, cocaine's poppin
You could get it, you could use it, you could be like Janis Joplin
Or try to make a profit something like Frank Luc
Feel the magic from the blues and, baby, you can't lose

Pimps on the rise, real thugs, and more
Real bosses in the mob was around for sure
In the music you could hear the people ask about war
1970s, what was war good for?

[verse 4 intro - Sabrina Michelle]
1960s: Music was influenced in expressing new ideas, raising issues of the decade.

[verse 4 - Noodle]
See, 1960s music jumps on the scene
With a dream, and letting our freedom ring
Shout to Martin Luther King, for him being brave
Cause him being brave allowed me to be me today

Obama's here now, but JFK
Was a hero in the 60s, blown away
We're supposed to be equal, all of our people
But JFK wouldn't sell us out like the Beatles

Making music wasn't for the cash
It was helping our people, you can ask Johnny Cash
Ironic, music was more like a movement
Civil rights on the mic, start a revolution

That opened up them doors for you to be you
So do whatever you can for you to be true
This is real music, hope you like the sound
Back to the future, let's listen to music now


from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Noodle the Innocent Child Peekskill

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