Young, Gifted, and Black

from by Noodle the Innocent Child

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Music produced by M-Nasty. Additional vocals by Feature, Christa Victoria, and Big Snuff.


Young, gifted, and black
Young, gifted, and black
Young, gifted, and black
Young, gifted, and black

[verse 1 - Noodle]
Give me your ears while I'm speaking, see I was born in the African descent
Mama raised a son to grown up and be decent
All odds against the evens, closest friends are enemies, they're creeping
So lately during the evenings, I've encountered lack of sleeping

Peep it, seeing me deceased, to some, would be appeasing
Cause I'm young, black, and successful, damn that's the only reason
But nah I'm never leaving, this industry really needs him
And the kids of our future need someone like me to lead them

Lead them on, if I can reach them more than I could teach them
How to stand up against their enemies, and even beat them
We need more than just materialistic lyrical lyrics
We need someone with the spirit, so real that you can feel it

And you'll like it, maybe love it, then you'll buy it, maybe dub it
Pass it on to all your cousins so they can learn from it
Then we all can learn something, add knowledge while you're spitting
Cause they'll hate the fact that we're all young, black, and gifted

[chorus - Christa Victoria]
Don't you know we're (young, gifted, and black)
You gotta know what it means to be (young, gifted, and black)
Can't you feel it? (young, gifted, and black)
Oh my baby, be proud to be (young, gifted, and black)

[verse 2 - Feature]
Your animosity’s probably a cause of plots and impromptu’s
Properly propped provocatively
Demolishing deferred dreams through their hostility
Media-savvy, yet they’re still using demonizing imagery

What was instilled in me was a mental ability, integrity
Steel rod that helped me indefinitely
Parody in critics' paragraphs apparently only encourage me
Eagerly ball, make MVP be V.P. of companies

Impossibilities isn't involved in how I think
Born in the belly of a halo queen
Sworn to slay swarms of four-horned beasts
Young, colorful, and darker than any screenwriter’s ink

I'm dominating nominated kings
Hospitality kindly invites adversity to eat
Offerings of nourishments at my feast
Peace! Ghandi, we call all learn from it
We endure the drama but rise above it

[chorus - Christa Victoria]
See what it means to be (young, gifted, and black)
Stand up and be (young, gifted, and black)
Go on and be (young, gifted, and black)
You gotta be proud to be (young, gifted, and black)


from It's a Noo Day, released April 9, 2010



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